School Uniforms

School uniforms are mandated.  Please send your child to school each day dressed in his/her school uniform.  All P.S. 68 formal school uniforms can be purchased at Cookie’s Department Stores.  10% discount cards are available in the main office.  Parents, please note that we have made a change to our formal school uniform.  In addition, to white shirts/blouses students can now wear burgundy knit shirts (long or short sleeved) or burgundy turtle necks.


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Every child should also have a gym uniform.  They are available for purchase at P.S. 68.  Gym uniforms are needed for the following school activities:  participation in movement and music, participation in gym and for identification purposes for class trips, planting and nature walks.  Gym uniforms can also be worn on cold, rainy days and during the winter months when you do not wish to send your child to school in his/her formal school uniform.   


P.S. 68 has a school uniform recycling program whereby if your child outgrows his/her formal school uniforms they can be donated to the school where they will be cleaned and ironed.  Recycled uniforms can then be donated to needy students.  Parents, if you have any uniforms that are in good condition, please bring them in as soon as possible so we can donate them to a student in need.Please note we only recycle school uniforms that are in excellent condition.  This is a wonderful program for a family with many children attending this school. 


Thank you so much for your cooperation and on-going support.  If you have any question please contact the Parent Coordinator, Nicole Robinson, at (718) 324-2854.