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 As many have heard, our P.S. 68 Soapbox Derby Team has won the District 11 competition for the 2nd year in a row. In order to go to the finals in Akron, OH we need your help!! Please click to Donate to Support Our Derby Champions!   Every dollar is appreciated, so please give what you can! (  

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

At P.S. 68 we keep an open mind by being determined, flexible, and always ready to learn.


Our Mission Statement

Keeping an open mind, P.S. 68 will support building our school community by motivating our students to become risk takers and embrace academic and social opportunities, always aspiring to have the confidence to reach their highest level of achievement.

Message From Administration

Welcome to P.S. 68X- The Edward A. Fogel School for Critical Thinking and the Arts.

We are honored and privileged to serve as your school leaders. Collectively, we bring a breadth of pedagogical skills and educational leadership to our school community. Our goal as P.S. 68X’s administration is to bestow the type of leadership that will facilitate a school environment that provides the best possible learning experience that meets the needs of each student. As a result, we collectively work to deliver educational programs that are academically challenging, engage each student by linking the curriculum to prior knowledge and experience, while encouraging our children to find joy in learning and the exploration of new ideas. 

We believe that every child can learn and achieve success and we pledge to provide every child at P.S. 68X with the culturally responsive and quality education that he or she deserves. As a team, we commit to providing our faculty and staff with opportunities to strengthen their practice, fostering a culture of collaborative data driven processes, and shared decision making. 

Our mission at P.S. 68X is to meet the needs of our students by establishing a school culture based on safety, community, and rigorous instruction. We will provide students with the necessary skills, as well as social and academic behaviors that will prepare them to succeed in an ever-changing world. We envision that our students will become capable thinkers, responsible, and accountable citizens. 

Every child deserves a champion, someone who believes in him or her and goes above and beyond to ensure that he or she thrives. We are proud that at P.S. 68X, we are all champions for all of our children! 


P.S. 68X Leadership Team 

Aidimaris Soler, Principal 

Janet Peterson, Assistant Principal 

Aaron Vail, Assistant Principal 

Kirk Peters, Assistant Principal 


Parents may retrieve their child's report card by using the New York City School Account (NYSCA). Accounts are free and easy to create.