Welcome to Second Grade ELA Department (Sept. - Nov.)

2nd Grade ELA Department

   Principal: Ms. Soler  asoler2@schools.nyc.gov                                    Assistant Principal:  Ms. Peterson    jpeters@schools.nyc.gov


Mr. Gross   dgross@schools.nyc.gov

Ms. Lopes clopes2@schools.nyc.gov

Ms. Reid jreid13@schools.nyc.gov

Ms. Vaughn  ssmellievaughan@schools.nyc.gov



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EL Education: Module 1

Module 1:  Schools and Community    



 Have FUN reading anytime anywhere!

  Class 2-207 and 2-208:  Ms. Lopes' and Ms. Reid's student_login_pdf 



  Reinforcing strategies and skills taught to support comprehension and more! 


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