Although the electronic devices ban has been lifted by the New York City Department of Education (Chancellor’s Regulations A-413), the PS 68 community feels these devices are a distraction and has adopted the following policy:


On School Property


  • Cell phones are the only electronic device that will be permitted on school property. Personal laptops, tablets, iPads and other similar computing devices, and portable music and entertainment systems are prohibited on school property.
  • Cell phones must be turned off any time on school grounds, including but not limited to school yard, cafeteria, gym, classrooms, and restrooms.
  • In case of an emergency and your child needs to make a phone call during the course of the school day, he/she is to ask for a pass to the main office or to a counselor’s office to use a telephone there.
  • Any cell phone that is used or seen by a staff member at any time during the school day will be confiscated and secured in the principal’s office. With this in mind, the administration requests that if parents choose to allow their students to possess cell phones at school, please establish an understanding with them that while on school grounds, all cell phones must remain turned off and in book bags.
  • Cell phones must not be visible during school hours, including recess.
  • Unauthorized photography or videotaping is a serious breach of this policy. The cell phone will be immediately confiscated and parents/guardians will be notified immediately.
  • If a student chooses to bring a cell phone to school, the students and his/her guardians are responsible to ensure that all guidelines are followed.
  • In some schools, cell phones and electronic devices may serve as an instructional tool and resource for learning. However at PS 68, the school will provide students with technological learning tools within the classroom setting to support instruction and learning.
  • Confiscation
  •  Any school phone that has been confiscated will require a responsible adult over the age of 18 to come to school to retrieve the device.
  • When the school confiscates a cell phone, the principal/designee must immediately contact the student’s parent/guardian.
  • If a cell phone vibrates or rings or is used for any reason, or is visible, any member of the PS 68 staff including teachers, paraprofessionals, school aides, counselors, and administrators have a right to confiscate the cell phone on the school grounds.
  • Students will not have the option of receive a warning if they are seen in possession of a cell phone. The cell phone will be confiscated immediately when violation of the cell phone policy is noticed.



Students who use cell phones, computing devices, and/or portable music and entertainment system in violation of any provision of the DOE’s Discipline Code, the school’s policy, Chancellor Regulation A-413, and/or the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code.